Artifacts from Davis

It can be hard finding physical items from a hospital that closed almost 40 years ago, but I’ve managed to collect and borrow a couple to display here.

Door placard

This door placard measure about 4 inches x 4 inches. It is a personal item that I was lucky enough to get when the hospital was being torn down. I’m not sure it’s significance or what the room it came from was being used for.

Baby book

A friend was kind enough to allow me to photograph items from his baby book if I redacted some personal info. His mother kept quite a few mementos from his birth including these mother/baby patient ID bracelets. Like myself, it appears Dr. Boyd delivered him.
On another page, his mother’s nurses are listed as a “Ms. Green” and a “Ms. Shook”.


Davis was very much a one-stop hospital, and most of your care and diagnostic tests could be completed on-site without having to visit outside offices.
I believe the Dr Fulghum listed here is the same man who received two bronze stars for his actions while serving in Vietnam.

Linen postcard

These postcards are still fairly easy to find in antique stores and on Ebay. There are a couple different versions from different eras.

ID bracelet

Closeup of the ID bracelet.

Instruction book sent home with new mothers. Information includes when and how to feed your baby, how to bathe them, etc.

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