A Remembrance of Dr. Myers

By Della Arnold, Statesville Record & Landmark
January 1st, 1972

Harmony and the surrounding community has lost a wonderful man in the passing of Dr. Dwight L Myers. He grew up in the county and gave his life in serving his people.
He had an unusual brilliant mind, making high grades in high school, college and all
through his medical preparation.
He had offers that would have carried him to the top in the medical world and research, but he preferred to give his services to his beloved rural people.
He avoided publicity or fanfare. He never asked if the patient had the money nor ever pushed to collect debts. He treated all who came to his office or called and much of this work he never received a penny for. He kept his own supply of medicine and that went with his diagnosis. He went day and night through all kinds of weather, over rough country roads. Sometimes his car would get stuck and he would walk in through mud or snow.
The writer has known serious complicated cases in which he made the diagnosis and pre-scribed the treatment. The cases were so serious that the patients were moved to some of our very best hospitals, with specialists.
The reports came back that Dr. Myers was exactly correct in both diagnosis and treatment. His services had been cheap or perhaps free, while the specialists were very high.
He was not a church member but had made a profession of faith and as long as he was physically able, he was living the life of what Christian means, a follower of Christ. To follow is to walk in one’s foot- steps. Christ “went about doing good.”
Only a small part of his work was done in the house of worship. It was where there was need, so was the life’s work of Dr. Myers.
North Iredell has been blessed with two such doctors, Dr. Summers and Dr. Myers.
When the caskets were closed, all that they left that will last is the love and respect in the hearts of so many people.
The writer has been the patient of both these doctors and had the privilege of telling
both of them before death how much she appreciated their noble work. Both men, with tears in their eyes, thanked me and humbly said, “I have tried to do my best.”
Dr. Summers spoke of the Bible as The Book of all books. These men lived it by doing

Oh, for some young men who will prepare well and come out to render service to needy humanity and not with the goal of just ease and chasing the dollar

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