Doctor Myers’ Office

Dr. Myer’s former house at right. His small, wooden office building is at left. It was demolished years ago.
August 1934.

This incredible little time capsule is a rural doctor’s office that once sat on a corner in the town of Harmony, NC. It seems it was closed up in the 60’s or 70’s and hardly bothered since that time. It’s sad to say, but it’s contents were auctioned off and the building was torn down by the new property owners in 2015.
Dr. Dwight L Myers practiced medicine of every variety, being the local rural community’s doctor, dentist, and if the stories are true, sometimes veterinarian.

An account from the New Hope commuity – August 8th, 1933

He traveled from house to house on some of the roughest roads in the county, treating not only the locals, but once even the noted poet Carl Sandburg.
One local told me a story about how as a child Dr. Myers had pulled their tooth in the 1940’s. He remembered being led outside and sat on a stump so Dr. Myers could have better light for the procedure. Another remembered his grandmother spending the night in Dr. Myer’s house while sick.
The community is full of stories like this from the older generations who seem to remember Dr. Myers with fondness.
Serving at his side for the duration of his time in the community was his wife Almedia, who though she had no formal training quickly became an adept nurse and assistant to her husband.
Dr. Myers died in 1971. I’m unsure if the clinic was still in operation when he passed but it surely came to an end after his death. His wife Almedia lived until 2014.

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