FCX Inc.

FCX (Farmer’s Cooperative Exchange) packaged pesticides on this site from 1940 until 1986. After they left, the area was declared a superfund site in 1990 due to contamination of soil and groundwater with at least 5 tons of pesticides buried on site. The likely contamination was not deemed very serious, as it was assumed all local businesses and residents were using city water instead of wells. The EPA report is available here.
In 2003 when these photos were taken, one would have believed it would never have been put back into use again, as many of the doors had been removed, there was noticeable internal and external damage, and of course the land is contaminated. However, sometime after 2015 it was repurposed as a storage/distribution facility.
In 2019, a small fire damaged it, but as far as I know, it’s still in use today.

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