Hurricane Katrina, a year later.

Not related to NC, I will file this under “Etc.”.
Through the circumstances of life, I found myself in Mississippi during August, 2006, a year to the day after hurricane Katrina. While there I tried to comprehend just what had happened by seeing the destruction with my own eyes.
Even a year after the fact, there was still plenty of damage evident, and many of the people I met were still living in FEMA trailers next to the remains of their homes, attempting to rebuild what they could a little at a time.
Despite my love of abandoned buildings, this was more like documenting a warzone, or a graveyard. The remains of wrecked and ruined buildings felt more like tombs than anything I had seen in North Carolina, and so I did not enter any of them.

Despite this, life was moving on. I saw many buildings had already been rebuilt. On the news a casino was having a grand reopening somewhere near Biloxi. Tourists were again finding their way into places like Fort Gaines, where I stopped briefly.

Included below are pictures of storm damage, but also some more hopeful pictures of things seen traveling.

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