30 Years Ago…

The 12th of this month was the 30th anniversary of the release of a little known but much loved horror movie called “The Boneyard“.

The majority of the movie was filmed in the old Davis Hospital, and in one or two other locations around Statesville and so it’s part of the history of the town and the hospital.
I’ve been slowly gathering information and media to eventually devote a page to the movie, but as providence would have it, a recent event has made me refocus my efforts.

An old acquaintance who visited Davis back in the day recently contacted me with a piece of memorabilia that I thought had been lost. A script the crew left behind in the abandoned hospital.
This script includes an ending scene which was apparently filmed but never made it’s way into the movie.

As soon as I can get enough free time I hope to pull together all the details I have into a cohesive story of the movie.

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I went back to my old home and the furrow of each year plowed like surf across the place had not washed memory away. -A. R. Ammons

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