Small update to Alexander County’s sulphur springs article plus an upcoming event by the Iredell County Historical Society!

First, I have recently found a little bit of information about the Whites-Davis and All Healing Springs of Alexander county that I hadn’t previously come across. These scans are from a publication called “Mining Industry in North Carolina in 1908”, which has a special focus on mineral springs in the state. Included in the list are entries for both of Alexander County’s springs, which I will include here and add to the original posting as well.

After a brief description of the spring site, each entry has a breakdown of the minerals found in the water at each site.

I would also like to mention an upcoming event the Iredell County Historical Society will be putting on for another local healing springs location- Eupeptic Springs on the north end of Iredell County. That spring was also the focus of a resort that existed on the land there from the mid to late 1800’s until just before WWI.
The Historical Society will have a presentation about the springs and even some artifacts from it’s glory days, including something very interesting I’m not going to reveal. They also ask that anyone who might have artifacts, pictures, or information about Eupeptic Springs please bring what you have.
That will be on August 1st, 2021 at 3PM. There will be no charge.
More info about that and some contact info is available from Mr. Stonestreet’s article in the Statesville Record & Landmark.

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