Sources relating to Clio

I’ll try to include as much as I can relating to my search for Clio here. These will be in no particular order.

This historical sketch of Samuel King from 1883, mentioning Clio’s Nursery being built on a plantation called “Keaton Place”.
June 23rd, 1883
1905 ad for Hager’s store.
1904 ad for Hager’s store.
Historical sketch of Clio Presbyterian Church from 1929.
Obituary of one of the church’s long-serving ministers. S.L. Cathey.
An da from Hager’s store, 1889.
Historical sketch from 1875 with information about Clio’s Nursery.
Listing from the NC Department of Agriculture showing J.W. Hager at one time had 100 bee colonies.
1959 article relating to the church’s 50th anniversary

Also, see O.C Stonestreet’s column “The demise of a church” for information about the church’s end.

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