A Somber Anniversary.

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October 29th, 1982 is now 39 years removed from us. Next year it will be 4 decades since Angela Gray Hamby disappeared from Wilkesboro, NC.

I feel like Angie’s case has never gotten the attention outside of the local area that it should have or that other missing person cases have in the past and do now in the present. I think the search has been a victim of circumstance and location, and that has relegated it to only being prominent in the minds of people who knew her and locals who know of her.
Looking for information, it’s difficult to even get ahold of old articles about the case. Many are lost to time, many are not digitized, and so finding them means sifting through years worth of microfilm at local libraries hoping to chance upon the right day and page, or relying on the original authors to have kept copies. That’s one reason I have tried to gather what little bit I can.

It’s my belief that every mention, every page, every post is another point of contact, another chance for the right eyes to see this story, and to possibly contribute that one piece of information, that one loose end that could lead to a solution to this mystery, and some closure for her family and the people who loved her.

For those of you with social media or websites of your own, please take a moment today to link to Angie’s Charley Project page.

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