WWII Signal Corp Photos

It took me hours, but I’ve finally finished uploading a collection of over 3600 jpegs, being a large group of Signal Corp photos from WWII with their original descriptions to my archive.org profile.
These consist of pictures of people, places, battles, equipment, and anything else you can think of. They really open a window into the past and give you an idea of life on the front and at home.
I can’t remember where I got these photos, but they also came with a spreadsheet that has descriptions for each file, allowing the collection to be searched. In addition, the original typed descriptions for each photo (which were usually on the back) are also included in the collection, meaning unlike many old photos, most of these can be put in context, and many are even dated.

As an example, here’s one of my favorite photos from the collection- a shot of the USS North Carolina.

And here’s the back of the photo, describing what’s going on:

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