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I’m going to try something new moving forward. I come across places that don’t always warrant a full explore, aren’t really abandoned, or are places I simply don’t have the time to look into. These places usually produce a picture or couple pictures and I may never see them again, but that’s no reason not to share interesting buildings and locations.
I’ll be calling this a “Photo Of The Day”, but they likely wont be daily. These will also be posted on the ANC Instagram, and if you’re interested in keeping up with them that would be the best way. I wont be updating these single entry pictures via the mailing list- I’ll save that for full articles or stories. They will also go on their own page once I have enough of them.

Today’s pic is of a building that is still in use but clearly has some age on it. Some sort of manufacturing facility that started out with the stone building but has been built onto and around with modern metal construction.

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Published by Abandoned NC

I went back to my old home and the furrow of each year plowed like surf across the place had not washed memory away. -A. R. Ammons

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