The Preaching Arbor

I know some of the history of this place, but because of it’s location and the vulnerability of it, I’m choosing to keep most of it to myself.
However, what I can tell you is that this is an old preaching arbor that was active at least as early as 1932, but I have also found a reference to it that may be old as 1903, when the space was used for a funeral.
It was not owned or administered by a denomination, but was a community “forum” of sorts where evangelists of all varieties could come and use the space to hold revivals, singings, schools, and “protracted meetings”.
The last real hurrah for it seems to have been the 1960’s/1970’s. Before she passed, my great-grandmother remembered that during those years her church drove to the arbor a handful of times from several counties over to have a revival, and singing as part of the choir.
I believe the last time it was used in recent years was probably about 2016/2017 when a revival was held there.

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I went back to my old home and the furrow of each year plowed like surf across the place had not washed memory away. -A. R. Ammons

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