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Today’s photo of the day is really several.

On a quick trip through the county I made a stop at Hunting Creek Friend’s Meeting in Hamptonville, a small church that I’ve found some old pictures of researching another story.
It’s a fascinating little church with an interesting style to it’s steeple that I haven’t seen in this area before and a large (mostly unmarked) cemetery that is only a couple decades younger than the United States.

The church as it is today. This building was constructed in 1941 but there have been meetings here since 1799.
The church in 1957.
Another picture from 1957. I’m not sure what happened to the steeple. If I had to guess it was likely never real brick at all, but just patterned tar paper. An actual brick steeple would have most likely been too heavy for the roof.
They eventually cleared the shrubs out front.
One of the most interesting stones in the graveyard. Lettie Cogge who died in 1826. As best I can decipher, her stone reads “SHALL DE CEASTH OF 7 x 1826“. The “S” in “SHALL” and “CEASTH” are both backwards.
I have never seen this particular phrasing and wonder if it and her name might be misspelled. There are no other Cogge’s I can find on record in the area.
Another unique and extremely hard to read stone which time has split in two.
And possibly my favorite. A homemade marker with embedded sea shells.

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