St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church

I haven’t been able to find a full history, but one can assume like many local churches St Matthew’s started as a revival or brush arbor meeting.
By 1839, forty three people in total are requesting from the North Carolina Lutheran Synod someone “to break unto them the bread of eternal truth, to baptize their children, and instruct their youth.”
By the next year the church is part of the synod. I’m not sure what the original building may have looked like but it was probably more modest than this one, which was likely built to replace the original in the late 1800’s.

The building in 1985 (Digital Davie)
The church in 2023.

I have heard by word of mouth though have been unable to confirm that the church may have close in the late to mid 1950’s. Finding written records has been a chore due to the fact that there is another “Saint Matthew’s Lutheran” in the next county. That church is still in operation.
Today it’s not used very often, though I believe the Synod still somewhat maintains the property.
The first burial in the cemetery I could find was 1843. Burials continue on the property with one even taking place this year.

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