Artifacts From Davis Hospital

It can be hard finding physical items from a hospital that closed almost 40 years ago, but I’ve managed to collect and borrow a couple to display here.

This X-Ray from the 1950’s serves double duty. It was purchased from the estate sale of Dr Myers. Myers must have sent this person all the way to Statesville for an X-Ray and had it returned to his office by some means in order to read it. It’s unknown whose hand this is or exactly what happened, but the end result is damage to the end of the middle finger. Possibly a work or farming related injury.
This door placard was taken from the hospital shortly before it was demolished. I am not sure it’s significance.
Postcards from Davis are still readily found in antique shops and on Ebay. This one in particular is one of the more easy to find printings.
Front side of a birth certificate. I bought a copy of Dr. Davis’ biography at an antique store and found someone had cut up this child’s birth certificate to use as a bookmark.
This brochure for the school of nursing is part of the Iredell County Public Library’s collection.
Payment receipt from 1979.

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