The History of Houstonville Moravian Church

Sarah Anderson Heinzerling: Statesville’s Forgotten Poetess

Statesville’s Piedmont Test Farm

The Cora Tree: An Outer Banks Mystery

Why Did The Bridge of Siloam Fall?

Missing: Angela Gray Hamby

Trivette Clinic

The Trivette Clinic
More about Dr. Robertson, who worked at the clinic.
If you would like to see sources used in this story, click here.

The Center Theater of Harmony, NC

The Unresolved Death of Daria Wade

Statesville, 1975: Rape, murder, and a John Doe

The Minish Axe Murder

The Bugle Boy Who Was Buried Twice

Asbury Respus: North Carolina’s First Serial Killer?

The Santer: Statesville Cryptid

Alexander County’s Healing Springs Hotels

The Valdese Bomb Shelter Explosion

Zephyr School

The Ore Knob Mine Murders of Ashe County

The Ghost of Warren Bridge/The Murder of Claude Warren

The Murder of Will Bolin

The Alexander County Hospital

Iredell County’s Munchkinland

Is Marshal Ney of France Buried in NC?
Photos from exhumation in July, 2022

The Disappearance of Ken Mohler

The Difference Between Inebriation and Inoculation

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