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It can be very hard finding information for articles I am researching, and even with the best information available, there’s always a bit of speculation involved.
This was simply not the case with the story of the Trivette Clinic. So many local people had connections to it that the spiderweb kept growing as I kept searching. I ended up with so many clippings and various bits and pieces of history that I was unable to cram them all into the article proper, so I am going to catalog and include them here.

Also, a special thanks to Doug Galliher of Harmony Gardens Nursery/The Trivette Clinic for filling in some blanks and opening up some new avenues of research.

Category: Dr Trivette

The Trivette Family, year unknown.
Dr. Trivette at right with his Brother Eugene (a lawyer in WIlkesboro) left, and a Fred York at middle.
June 17th, 1915
Draft Card
Draft Card (reverse)
Staff of Medical Corp Base Hospital No. 37. It’s very likely Dr. Trivette is somewhere in this photo.
Marriage announcement.
Post-graduate work in New York at an unknown hospital/institution.
February, 1932. Dr Trivette and Dr. Davis in the same place.
June 1932.
July, 1935. Dr. Trivette seemed especially vulnerable to flu. Odd to have such severe flu cases at that time of year.
Death Certificate.

Category: Staff

February, 1935.
Sept 4th, 1985. RN Gertrude’s death.
December, 1935.

January, 1938.
Willie Mae Tulbert’s account of working at the clinic from the book “We Well Remember”. This would have been about 1932.
Surgeon assumed to be Dr. Ogburn
Dr. James (Mebane, not “Melvin”) Robertson is hired. August 1st, 1933.
Dr. Parks Trivette in practice in 1919. He would move back to Mooresville after the clinic closed.
January, 1936.
From probate documents, names of other employees at the time of Dr. Trivette’s death.

Category: Procedures, Etc.

October 24th, 1933

Category: The Rest Home Years & Leo Rivers

January, 1943
November, 1949
March, 1950
November, 1950
December, 1950
June, 1952
May, 1953
October, 1953.
May, 1954
February, 1955
July, 1959
July, 1959. Mrs. Reid didn’t reach 100, but made it to the respectable age of 97.

Category: The Campbell Nursery years

March 2, 1971
September 30th, 1963. These ads would appear regularly in the Statesville papers.

Category: Dr. James Mebane Robertson
Dr. Robertson’s story is quite interesting in its own regard. In addition to all the crazy accidents he managed to be involved with, he lost his entire office to fire, nearly lost his house to a fire, and was kidnapped and burglarized at 70 years old. The 4 men who perpetrated that were caught and imprisoned. One of them was the son of Dr. Robertson’s maid. Both he and his wife were very involved in politics.
Dr. Robertson’s house was an impressive two story wood structure in the middle of Harmony that was unfortunately demolished a couple years ago.

Dr. Robertson and his wife, unknown year. From the Iredell County Library Flickr.
July, 1933
July, 1933
December, 1933
August, 1934.
June, 1956
November, 1968
June, 1976.
Dr. Robertson earlier in life..

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