Abandoned NC

A North Carolina Miscellany

Abandoned NC started out in 2003 as a way to display photos of abandoned buildings from “urban exploring” around North Carolina.
Today you’ll also find folklore, history articles, collected ephemera, and anything else from the Old North State that piques my interest.

Photo of The Day: Templeton House

This old beauty has sit empty for a number of years. More recently, the property behind it was cut for timber. The house still remains, but it’s future is uncertain.

This site is 20 years old.

Anniversary’s are (I suppose) time for reflection.I have tried in the past to pinpoint where my interest in history and urban exploration might have really started and I’ve never come…

The Unsolved Murder of Ethel Weaver

When unsolved cases “go cold” it doesn’t always mean they are forgotten by the local law enforcement officers who have worked and still work those cases, but it means there…


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