“We Well Remember” and the Trivette Clinic

Although out of print now, the book “We Well Remember“, which was published in 1997 by Sarah Brawley Cheek is available online in several places and is a gold mine of stories relating to the local communities.
Tucked away in a section about health care are several useful passages about Dr. Trivette, including a story or two about house calls he made.
One of these accounts is from Willie Mae Tulbert, his niece. She was apparently employed as what we today think of as a CNA in the clinic for four years while a teenager. I have included a clipping of her account on the sources page and updated the main article with her name listed among the employees.
The book also revealed a new portrait of Dr. Trivette, which I have also included in the original article.

We Well Remember” is available from The Internet Archive and Digital NC if you would like to read it for yourself.

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