History of Davis Hospital is up.

The history page for Davis Hospital is now up with new images and information.

I have always wanted to see more images of the inside from when it was in operation. Pictures, especially from the 70’s and 80’s seem scarce. If you happen to have or know someone who has any, I would love to make digital copies and with permission add them to the Davis story. What’s more, if you have any memories of Davis either as a patient or as an employee, I would love to speak with you.

The real work begins.

I started reloading Davis Hospital this evening. As of this post I have three pages of interior pics up.
Two pages are pics from the old site in original resolution. These were taken in 2003 with a Sony FD100 Mavica camera. If you don’t know what real pain is, Google that and be glad you live in an age you don’t have to carry around a shoulder bag full of floppy disks to take more than 5 or 10 pics at a time. The camera was obsolete when I bought it new, but it was all I could afford at the time. Unfortunately, in an age of high speed internet connections and HD digital cameras that are included almost as an afterthought on our phones, these pictures look dated.
The third page, however, is all new content. Pics from a trip in 2010 when I guided a couple other explorers through Davis.
Davis Interior (2003)
Davis Interior 2 (2003)
Davis Interior 3 (2010)

I’ll start eventually adding some descriptions to photos where I feel it’s necessary or useful.
More updates will likely come this evening.

Welcome back.

The framework is done, but there’s a lot of work to do yet.

I’ll be slowly adding back all the old content, including better resolution pictures that weren’t optimized for dial up. There’s also new content to come, and I’ll try to get some of it up in-between working on replacing the old pages.

All the updates from the old site are preserved for posterity here: Archive