Doctor Robertson’s office demolished today.

The last vestige of Dr. Robertson’s life and legacy was removed from the crossroads at Harmony today. His former office, which had been various things over the years since his death, was demolished, and with it Harmony loses a piece of it’s history. Thankfully, the monument which had been erected in the parking area inContinue reading “Doctor Robertson’s office demolished today.”

WWII Signal Corp Photos

It took me hours, but I’ve finally finished uploading a collection of over 3600 jpegs, being a large group of Signal Corp photos from WWII with their original descriptions to my profile.These consist of pictures of people, places, battles, equipment, and anything else you can think of. They really open a window into theContinue reading “WWII Signal Corp Photos”

Health Sciences building opens on the site of the old Davis Hospital.

The new health sciences building Mitchell Community College has been constructing on part of the land that was once Davis Hospital has finally opened. If you look through the pictures included with the article, you might notice portraits of Miss Hill and Miss Norket adorn the walls.

The 130th Anniversary of the Bostian Bridge Train Wreck.

A grim anniversary today, as 130 years ago one of Statesville’s worst disasters was playing out. Early in the morning of August 27th, 1891, just outside of Statesville proper, a train derailed and fell off a railway bridge. To this day, no one really knows the cause, but when the dust settled and everything wasContinue reading “The 130th Anniversary of the Bostian Bridge Train Wreck.”

Rosy Retrospection

When looking at the past, it’s easy to see things through the filter of nostalgia- sometimes even if we’re looking at a time period when we weren’t alive. Surely I’ve been guilty of this myself.Whether you explain this by “rose-colored glasses”, “grass is always greener” or some other idiom, saying, or metaphor, it’s rarely aContinue reading “Rosy Retrospection”

“We Well Remember” and the Trivette Clinic

Although out of print now, the book “We Well Remember“, which was published in 1997 by Sarah Brawley Cheek is available online in several places and is a gold mine of stories relating to the local communities.Tucked away in a section about health care are several useful passages about Dr. Trivette, including a story orContinue reading ““We Well Remember” and the Trivette Clinic”

Small update to Alexander County’s sulphur springs article plus an upcoming event by the Iredell County Historical Society!

First, I have recently found a little bit of information about the Whites-Davis and All Healing Springs of Alexander county that I hadn’t previously come across. These scans are from a publication called “Mining Industry in North Carolina in 1908”, which has a special focus on mineral springs in the state. Included in the listContinue reading “Small update to Alexander County’s sulphur springs article plus an upcoming event by the Iredell County Historical Society!”